My best friend/arch-nemesis wrote a beautiful poem for Ash Wednesday.

Getting ready to begin this with my family tonight. Really looking forward to it.

It’s a heck of a day when a friend gives you a book for your birthday. And then, finding out that it’s a book like this is just something else. D2B1F0AE-3DD4-4CC0-9E36-60C418E0DA2F.jpg

I’ve never really done anything with Lent before, but this year I’ll be reading through this and meeting weekly with one of the guys from church. I’m really looking forward to it. F92C30C1-83B1-468D-B633-8D5FA2863075.jpg

It’s Pancake Day!

There’s nothing quite like being in an office that smells of both burgers and Christmas.

Today is the day I began playing D&D.

Drawing again. Decided to signup for Skillshare after being beat over the head by ads for them. Turns out, it really is worth it.

If I had to use one word to describe the new Cactus Blossoms record, it would be:


I’ve been listening to it while walking around this morning and I really can’t find anything wrong with it. Some people were a bit unsure about the new sound, but I think it’s a really good evolution from You’re Dreaming.

Today was one of those days where you get to the end and you know something happened between the start of the day and now, but you can’t figure out what it was.