“God is willing to wait.” - C. John Miller

¾ of my kids four years ago today. Our youngest was still a couple years away at this point.


How to avoid lazy praying

I just read through this article and find it really helpful and practical, especially as it says a lot of what I am finding through my counselling course. The biggest idea of which is that the more specific you get in working through an issue, the more intense and lively your prayers will be.

One of my favourite things about Micro.blog being my main place on the internet is that people link to original content rather than publish it with attribution.

On evangelism across multiple cultures

I’ve spent most of the day doing research on how to approach the topic of Serving Humanity. In a couple of weeks I will have the privilege of speaking during an interfaith event at a local mosque. Right now, the biggest challenges seem to be:

  1. Remembering that I am in a culture not entirely my own
  2. The same goes for those who will be attending
  3. The topic is way too broad

This is all still really exciting because it’s exactly what my family and I came to Liverpool to do.

Nothing takes me back to the first year of being married to my wife like this song. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist came out the same year and quickly became one of the first films we both loved as a couple.

It was a joy to sing with our family at Trinity Church Everton this morning after a week away.

Quick little drawing based on a tutorial by Christopher Hart. My Master Slim notebook again; the initial sketch was done with a Blackwing 602, line art with an 03 Micron and then the Staedtler Noris coloured pencils that my kids say they use at school. This is fun!

no market, so bookstore

The Friday market was woefully disappointing so I walked back into town and picked this up from the used bookstore, A Reader’s Dream. They haven’t got a website or anything, I don’t even think they have a phone number available. In any case, I really enjoyed the first book in Lawhead’s Pendragon cycle so I’m looking forward to this one too.