The slow emerging that seems to be marking our days

One of the reasons why we’re in Scotland at the moment is for me to be mentored by the pastor of the church we’re working with. Because of lockdowns, that’s mainly been happening on Zoom but we made the effort to meet in person at the church building (socially distanced, working at separate tables).

Being able to pray with someone who is sitting across from you does something for the soul that cannot be over-emphasised.

I’ve been spending time praying for the persecuted church and realised that I have many brothers and sisters for whom isolation in their faith is an ordinary, everyday reality. My heart goes out to them as I consider that the pandemic isn’t the thing that prevents them from experiencing the fellowship of the saints. The obstacle for them is the fact that they might be the only Christian for miles and miles in a country where they are not free to practice their faith.

Dan Alcantara @danalcantara