With spring comes a new system

scheduleMarch 31, 2021

For the past year, I've been keeping track of all the things using a combination of Todoist, Bear and several notebooks. This, clearly, is too much overhead to keep track of. So with spring being fully here and the fact that I'm on a break from my training course for a Easter holidays, I decided it was time to put in the work to get things organised in a way that makes more sense.

Leaving Todoist

By far, the biggest source of frustration lately has been Todoist. While it is perfectly fine on my phone or on my iPad, working from home has meant spending a lot more time at my desk using my MacBook Air. The desktop app for Todoist is pure and utter rubbish based on the fact that it never wants to sync.

Todoist is the app that I've used the longest in this system thanks to the recommendation of Tim Challies in Do More Better. While I still like the principals of the book, my work has shifted so that I don't have such clean cut categories. I prepare sermons for my training course and for the church. Besides due dates, there isn't really a difference in what doing that work looks like.

I needed something a bit more fluid to get this whole thing going.

Revisiting Notion

For now, the tool that I'm using to replace Todoist, most of Bear and a couple of my notebooks is Notion. It finally makes sense to have something that is this flexible.

Why? Well... Notion is the tool that my wife and I used to organise an international move during a global pandemic. During that whole process, everything in it just worked and that was a huge source of confidence during such an unstable time in our lives.

So the money that would have been going to renewing Todoist premium has instead gone to Notion. I probably could have gotten the free plan to work but the ability to invite unlimited guests, when I’ll be doing a lot of work with church ministry teams, was worth the cost.

As I spend more time working in it, I’ll try to share templates so that others can find potential value.