a cup of tea and a conversation

scheduleMay 18, 2021

As I write this now, my wife and I just got home from visiting a couple from our church here in Scotland. It’s the first time that we’ve been able to sit in someone else’s house and spend a bit of time looking at the Bible over a cuppa.

Besides family, were the first people they’ve had over properly since Scotland went into lockdown over a year ago.

I thought we would just be an hour or so but we suddenly looked at the clock and it was nearly 11pm! A really big prayer of mine is that we get to have this experience more and more. We moved to this area in October and this is the first time we’ve been to someone’s home. To a degree, it’s the least isolated we’ve felt since we had to leave Liverpool.

The thing I’ve missed so much from our time in Liverpool was just spending time with people. That never properly happened in Poland. I really hope this evening is a sign of what’s to come as we continue to do ministry here.