how does one slow down?

scheduleMay 29, 2021

A frustrating part of life at the moment is knowing that it is good to move slowly. It’s a struggle because even when forced into a position where moving slowly is the only option, it feels like I’m at war with myself.

This time last year, we were in a season of waiting. We were waiting out our first lockdown while living in a flat in Warsaw. We were waiting for the window to a new visa to open for me. We were waiting to see what would be coming up next. We were waiting to move to Scotland.

And now we are here. We’ve had two more lockdowns. Christmas came and went. Then the new year. Spring has been spent slowly emerging from the cocoons that we had made.

Everything has been fits and starts for what feels like such a long time. And in that time, it is like a rubber band is being pulled tighter and tighter. Things are starting to get busier. We are still trying to get to know people here and it’s happening. But it’s happening slowly.

But this slowness… it makes time move slowly and suddenly. I’m nearly at the end of the first year of my training course. Soon, I will be done for the summer. And then I will have to fight the temptation to fill in the gap with all the activities . Because what am I even doing if I am not filling every single moment with some kind of work, work, work?

Does it boil down to simply saying “no” to myself? Or do I work now on how to use the summer to plan for the next year? To put systems in place.

There are still so many unknowns coming up. Perhaps it’s simply another opportunity to practice actively waiting for the Lord to move. Perhaps, it’s time to get better at simply being amazed at how God works in ordinary things.

Anyway, we’ve got some time away booked this summer. I’m looking forward to being actively unplugged to simply enjoy family and the sea.