When I sit down and start to work on words, I always have an endpoint in mind. The bulk of my writing ends up being delivered audibly in the pulpit on the Lord’s Day. This is right as it is my actual job.

Beyond that, I am writing things out for meetings and for teaching. There is some end in mind for everything.

Which means I don’t really write for fun. This has meant that even journaling is something that only happens when I have something that needs processing in my mind for work. It was not always this way.

I don’t really write to document my life anymore. I don’t write to look back on how things were before. I have my 5-year diary, but that is only a sentence or two, only a way to keep a chunk of years together in the briefest form possible.

A youtube channel called Check the Box & Learn and learn recently made its way into my feed. It’s a bit of an odd example of a youtube channel. Why? Because it exists in the productivity space but it’s a hobby project. Jill, the person behind the channel, recently shared a video detailing her process and it was really refreshing to see someone using what they have to make a thing that is both useful and fun.

It’s now the halfway point of 2024. The kids are on summer hols. I still have work, Tracy still has work. But it does also seem like a good time to try and make a deliberate practice of writing for fun again. I don’t know how much of it will be done in public. Am I writing for fun or blogging for fun? Why not both?