When I was younger, the internet served one single purpose. The Eisley forum. Yes, there was Myspace but that was quickly eclipsed by the forum. It used to be that the way into a band’s fandom was to be a member of the discussion forum on their website.

The members of the band were members there. There was talk about the band but also talk about general stuff.

There were people I had met in real life, while watching Eisley play at the Metro or the Vic or Park West or Schubas. I became friends with those people, some of whom were in their own bands. I went to see them play.

We would play at open mic nights or at the late-great Borders Books & Music.

But we had a community built around this thing. There will necessarily be some sense of remembering what it was like to be a teenager built into this feeling. I had a car and a job. And even when we didn’t have shows to go to, we still had the forum.

I can find some of that sense of community in a couple of Discord communities. One is focused on philosophy and reading, one is about being a deliberately Christian creative person. But it isn’t quite the same. It makes me feel old.

Then again, I am actually old because I remember back when you either had a Blogspot, Livejournal, or Xanga site.