One of the things I wrestle with as a person with a somewhat creative vocation 1 is the simple fact that people seem enamoured with AI-generated “artwork”. I am fairly certain that I’m with Tolstoy regarding a definition of art. However, I can see someone making the argument that there is still human intent and emotion there in something generated by a machine because the source ideas are human. I would add that there has to be direct human involvement in the actual mechanism of bringing the artwork into existence.

Jared Henderson shared a really helpful viewpoint on his Substack about how we should feel about AI-generated artwork. 

This is how we should approach art. Even if the machines can do a damn good job, we should keep doing it ourselves. Because it matters for us that we keep doing it.

He argues that the very fact that human-created art is human-created is enough of a reason to keep doing it. I couldn’t agree more.

  1. I have a source text in the Bible but I have to be creative in how I work at teaching it. ↩︎