Exploring Glasgow

There may be a pandemic on, but I’m in Glasgow for my training course with Cornhill Scotland. My family is moving to a nearby town so I’ll be here every week. Here are some photos from my wandering around over the weekend!


After living in Wilanów since October, we have now left and are currently staying in Ujazdów, a neighbourhood in Warsaw’s city centre. It’s home to a bunch of embassies and right within the tourist district. As nice as it was in Wilanów, especially its convenience during lockdown, we really needed this change of scenery. And … Continue reading Śródmieście

The longer I spend away from cars, the more car sick I get when I get back into one.

A surprising thing I’ve learned since I started exercising regularly is that it can actually serve as an effective substitute for caffeine, provided it’s on a day other than a Monday.

Sunday afternoons have become a time for writing fiction while sitting on the terrace of our flat in Warsaw. All my fountain pens are packed away for shipping so I’ve been writing with two uni-ball AIR pens (one black, one blue).

Life has been getting really stressful these last couple of weeks. I’m grateful that my wife encouraged me to do something relaxing. That something relaxing was finally trying Stardew Valley. I never knew that I needed a game before.

Sometimes the most perfect distraction comes along when things are stressful.

what I’ve had to learn while living abroad

How to drink Nescafe How to be okay with drinking Nescafe How to ask for a carrier bag in Polish (poproszę torbę) How to pronounce the name of the street we live on What it’s like to navigate an immigration system that works in a language you don’t speak


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