I’ve been taking a break from sourdough and working on my pizza game. The cooked one is caramelised onion, maple-butter apples, walnuts and cheddar. The other is the fresh mozzarella I found in the back of my fridge with some cherry tomatoes.

My wife and I just did some maths and the day our eldest turns 13 will mark the start of 17 years of having teenagers in the house.

I haven’t had much opportunity to paint lately so this feels like a big accomplishment thanks to a tutorial from The Postman’s Knock.

We’ve reached this stage of quarantine…

Thankful for Government

As I went through my normal routine of checking my RSS feeds, I read this article by Tim Challies and I realised that I am thankful for the same things. It has struck me that the New Testament’s posture toward civil leaders is generally positive. It seems to nudge us toward the assumption that governments … Continue reading Thankful for Government

Quarantine Kitchen 05 – Tonic Espresso

I really miss being able to go to MOKO, the coffee shop across the road from the church office here. However, buying a second-hand Nespresso machine means I still get to have a tonic espresso during lockdown.

This is not the age of coronavirus

The coming of Jesus is the most consequential event in all of human history, the one that defines the very era we live in. This is not the age of the coronavirus, it is the age of Christ. Kevin DeYoung


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