Another quick sketch while listening to Dear Hank & John.

I’m supposed to be recovering from jet lag right now, but I’m still in the States. I’ve tried to stay productive in a sense, even though the things I was working on are all in Liverpool. I did a quick illustration on my iPad today, though.

This quick painting was a race against the fading sunlight.

Been trying to practice boats. Slowly getting there. Need to work on how the boards are placed still, but I’m pleased with how the overall sketch turned out.

🎶 Come on, grab your friends… we’ll go to very distant lands… 🎶

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve painted. I always forget how nice it is to spend half an hour making something from start to finish. 6035DF3D-706E-49FA-8D50-1CC863C604A5.jpg