With each sticker, this old MacBook Air becomes more and more valuable as a scrapbook of the last two years.

Sermon-writing today. Actually trying to write it out by hand. It will need to be typed up still, but it is a joy to use my stationery for it.

Just a bit of early-mid April snow after a bright, sunny day. Honestly, it feels right. ❄️

The finished dish. It’s a bit much during the week but perfect on a Saturday after a good run.

Making the River Cottage adaptation of Jansson’s Temptation for lunch.

Made Hokkaido for the first time. Looking forward to them cooling enough to try!

Some evenings are just better with a strong coffee.

run for my life

A year ago, I started a couch to 5k program. It wasn’t the first time I’d started one but being in lockdown in Warsaw meant it was the first one I finished. After another month of running I was able to achieve a 35-minute 5k. That felt like a really big accomplishment.

Eight weeks ago, I started a training plan to increase my speed. It shaved about 4 minutes off my total time. Finishing something for the first time is a big deal. Learning to keep improving seems like it is the actual work.

The newsletter is going to have to wait for the new week as I only just got the email that my account is back up again. In the meantime, I’ve ruined pizza by putting broccoli on it before getting ready to head to church to lead worship for Good Friday.

We bought a Dutch oven and I finally got around to baking a loaf of bread in it!

My wife has started painting trees and I get to have the first one on the wall by my desk.

Sometimes, you get taken in by colour. Sometimes by the shape of words. Sometimes by the words themselves. But sometimes, all three.

Sun, flowers, but not sunflowers

My parents gave me some birthday money and one of the things I ordered finally arrived!

there are blue skies in Scotland

Blue skies for days today.

And days. It has been a truly glorious weekend up here.

Sunday morning commute to church for the service live-stream. Looking forward to when this commute is for live, in person, gathered congregation worship.

I’m so impressed with the cake my wife made for me. She does not like baking, but she did an amazing job.

So this is 32. Running 8km seems like a good way to celebrate.

Daily bread

What is there to say about baking?

I wrote on my newsletter about how running helps to keep me sane. Baking is something that soothes my heart. When I’m baking bread, it’s like I get to do magic. To take four or five ingredients and have the potential to turn them into so many different things is a kind of alchemy. Fight me, you won’t change my mind.

To get a little bit nerdy, I can confirm that adding a pre-ferment or poolish to the process means you can get really good flavour and texture while making the bread work around your schedule.

This was a bread that I made for our dinner today. I made it between finishing up my sermon for Sunday, going for a run and completing my weekly review. Normally, a poolish has to be done the night before. Except I forgot to make it last night. Thankfully, two hours will get the job done.

Yes, you sacrifice some of the sour notes that you’d get from an overnight fermentation but when it’s bread that’s going to be paired with something like a chorizo stew, you won’t miss the sour notes.

The other thing is that I did not knead this. I did some stretch-and-pulls after the first half hour of bulk fermentation and that was it. Then I got on with things.

The result? A bread that I feel like I could make just about every day. It’s just a matter of learning enough about how bread works to make it work with your schedule, to say nothing of what you can do if you add in the ability to use the fridge.

In case you’ve missed it, I started a new newsletter. The focus of this one is a bit more general than my previous newsletter (r.i.p. Fake Suede). You can sign up for it here!

a snowy road

I took this a week or so ago while out on a run. The landscape here is beautifully bleak.

A birthday traybake

The road in winter

I really love living here.

I’ve been doing some work on my family’s missions website and I have to say, I kind of like the new blocks editor in Wordpress. Also, if you’re so inclined, go check it out.

We got back from a trip to Kraków yesterday. Managed to do some painting while we were there.