I’ve been taking a break from sourdough and working on my pizza game. The cooked one is caramelised onion, maple-butter apples, walnuts and cheddar. The other is the fresh mozzarella I found in the back of my fridge with some cherry tomatoes.

Fake Suede – the newsletter

Some of you may be familiar with the biweekly newsletter that I write called Fake Suede. This is just a reminder that you can sign up by clicking the picture below. The next issue goes out tomorrow and is sort of about learning a language. I’ve been working hard to keep it from addressing the present age, and this one is simply about one of the things that I’ve learned as an expat.


My wife and I just did some maths and the day our eldest turns 13 will mark the start of 17 years of having teenagers in the house.

A heads up

My website is all sorts of a mess now as I work on migrating it to a new CMS. I’m hoping that everything will be sorted out in the next couple of days while COVID-19 means ministry work is quiet for a bit.

The COVID-19 news is personal now

COVID-19 has officially affected my life, and that of many American ex-pats. Some of you may know about my dad’s health emergency earlier this year. President Trump has banned travel to 🇺🇸 from the EU for 30 days. Now, if a new emergency happens in the next 30 days, I won’t be able to go home to be with family.

While my dad is doing a lot better, he is still waiting for one more surgery and that could happen within that timeframe.

I was not prepared for this to be a thing. Museums, libraries and cinemas here in Poland have also been closed down until the 25th. Fortunately, there seems to be a much more balanced response to the news here. There’s still toilet paper in the shops.

A few of the resources that I’ve found helpful have been: