introducing The Habitus

    It’s the first of the new year. I’m still in the annoying place where my journal entry for the day is scratched out because I wrote 2023 instead of 2024. Even so, the new year brings a new theme. Last year was really a year without a theme. I cannot remember if I tried making one or if I was just too busy with things. The busyness left me with a sense of longing as the year came to a close.

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    Just dropped off a bunch of flyers for our Blue Christmas service at the local library. Even for me, as a pastor and someone who stands up in public to tell people about Jesus, it still feels awkward to stuff like that.

    this is home

    This is the town where I live and serve as the pastor of a small church. It is a place in great need. There are high levels of deprivation. There are high levels of drug and alcohol related deaths. During the summer, the population swells and shrinks daily as cruise ships bring tourists looking for the train to Glasgow. It’s a place where the gospel witness is small but deeply rooted.

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