This was a fun read.

Finished reading: The Falcon of Sparta by Conn Iggulden πŸ“š

There is nothing better than paper for trying to get a sense of the big picture. Unfortunately, this paper isn’t big enough to also include figuring out when I will study for my training course.

teaching helps with learning?

One of the things that I have found as I spend more and more time studying Scripture is that there just seems to be more of it to hand in my mind. This has increased a lot as I have been working on sermons and Bible studies. I am also finding that much of what I am learning for my training course is becoming what I am teaching to our youth group.

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Behind these stone walls is a place of comfort

Where there is a fire burning and wooden tables A dog sleeps on a rug Where there is walnut and oak and brass A chair by a table Where there is glass and amber and darkest night A meal with friends Where the night is too short and the pour is long A world away

One big lesson I’ve learned while studying the doctrine of God, and the Trinity in particular, this term is that I really need to make some time to read Aquinas and Augustine.

Something I’ve really enjoyed this month is writing a poem each day while following this challenge. Have any of my poems been any good? Not particularly, but it’s been nice to have a small creative project each day. πŸ“

nothing is straightforward

In the most recent issue of Tabletalk, there was an article on the pluses and minuses of technologies like blockchain and a decentralised web. There are many on either side. As I read through it, I was first reminded again of the fact that the church is usually very late in understanding what is going on in the world. However, in this instance, as these are things that most laypeople will have no real understanding of, I think they got the timing of this right.

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Today was another big writing day (3800 words). Then it was trinitarian reading assignments. My brain needed a break and doing a sketch was a good one.

Finished reading: Timothy Keller by Collin Hansen πŸ“š

I’ve had Procreate for a long time but don’t spend enough time using it. I followed this tutorial by Calvin at DrifterStudio and it was fun!

Fridays are long. They start with an early train so I can get some of my sermon writing done before a day in the classroom for my training course. Then another hour or so of writing before getting the train home. Enjoying making some socks and watching a film with my wife. 🧢

Started reading: Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett πŸ“š

Had a couple loaves of sourdough in the oven after church today. Really pleased with how they’ve turned out.🍞

Collect of purity

Almighty God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid; Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love thee, and worthily magnify thy holy Name; through Christ our Lord.

Finished reading: All That Is in God by James E. Dolezal πŸ“š

The start of November has always come with a bit of self-pressure to try and do NaNoWriMo. Not this year. This year, I’m attempting the Poem-A-Day challenge from Writer’s Digest. πŸ“

this is home

This is the town where I live and serve as the pastor of a small church. It is a place in great need. There are high levels of deprivation. There are high levels of drug and alcohol related deaths. During the summer, the population swells and shrinks daily as cruise ships bring tourists looking for the train to Glasgow. It’s a place where the gospel witness is small but deeply rooted.

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🎡If jazz piano/trio is your thing, I highly recommend this Tiny Desk Korea session with μ†‘μ˜μ£Ό 트리였.

Finished reading: How to Build a Boat by Elaine Feeney πŸ“š

Last session of Christianity Explored tonight. Looking forward to running it again next year.