The Bank Holiday

Something that I have really, really appreciated since we have moved back to Britain is the existence of bank holidays and the fact that I am fortunate enough to be doing a job that allows me to take advantage of them. We had originally planned on making a trip to the Wirral today but have instead decided to just spend it near home in Stanley Park walking around and playing football.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve painted. I always forget how nice it is to spend half an hour making something from start to finish. 6035DF3D-706E-49FA-8D50-1CC863C604A5.jpg

Day off in town! Just after paying £2.50 for a 99p Flake! 9F3BF1A4-3BED-4EDB-B63F-FA754FC793BA.jpg

Blue skies over Liverpool! AF6D15D3-D0C6-47D9-B585-B5BEE38F0661.jpg

Current status: starting to kind of get into opera and Bowie at the same time.

A brief reflection on making videos

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on videos for our church’s Good Friday event. My thoughts as I look back on it are:

  • Making videos is fun
  • I want to get my own camera to keep doing this
  • iMovie is quite a lot more capable today than it was when I first used it

It’s funny how some if the hobbies I’ve had in the past are proving to be really useful in my current ministry context.

Up until a year or so ago, I thought of myself as a musician. Listening back to old recordings feels really weird now, especially as I don’t even play guitar every week anymore. It’s still fun to listen to these old songs though.

I’ve got the party machine setup for our church Easter Quiz! 28C4080D-4CE6-4B1C-92FD-50022150A5B4.jpg

Today, ministry included doing some very basic stop-motion animation for a promo video our church will be sharing soon. 90AE6CAD-EF2F-4BF5-A4EB-4712ABFCC639.jpg

A black hole that is 500 million trillion km away still feels like it’s too close.