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    @ReaderJohn my source is the book Gospel People by Michael Reeves, he’s the president of Union School of Theology in Wales. The main goal of the book is defining evangelicalism in a way that is historically faithful to its claims (primarily being people of the evangel) rather than as a sociological category. By that definition, he says, “by percentage of population, the heartlands of evangelicalism today are not the US or UK, but South Korea and Kenya.”

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    @KyleEssary @ReaderJohn @pratik the other issue of course being that America is now very far from being the global seat of evangelicalism.

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    @numericcitizen It’s brilliant, especially for quick brainstorming. I’ve also seen guys use it in the classroom for discussion and stuff as a whiteboard.

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    @Miraz it’s a sort of mild cheddar, but it can get a bit of stretch like mozzarella. I do miss having access to it since leaving the States, because it was always what we used with Tex-Mex style food.

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    @KyleEssary that’s a lot of guacamole!