I was just thinking today (randomly) about how people smugly say that the Titanic was built by professionals whereas Noah’s ark was built an amateur, as if that somehow means something. The ark also never had to deal with an iceberg.

The Titanic Was the Safest Ship of Its Time

One of the biggest surprises of the series for me was hearing that the Titanic was, in fact, the safest ship in the world at the time of its christening – and the time of its sinking.

At this point, I’m not sure if it’s cheaper to have short hair. Pretty sure I’ve spent more on haircuts in the last six months than I would have on shampoo and conditioner.

I picked up a new chilli oil from the shop and made some pepcorn. What I didn’t account for what just how much spicier this particular brand is compared to Lao Gan Ma. 🥵

A soothing, if slightly noisy, end to sermon-writing day. 🍺

I can think of worst views for a late lunch break.

why am I so fussy

it begins with tinkering For as long as I can remember, I have been a bit of a tinkerer. I’m constantly tweaking something in my setup somewhere. This is tangentially related to what I was writing about yesterday. Some of this might be a result of my work history. Several of my jobs were very metrics-driven. I had to meet certain standards of speed and accuracy while working in logistics. I had to increase yield of finished product and speed of delivery while working in kitchens.

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The Habitus: Trying to make the system work

I’ve written before about how I try to wake up early in order to make time for Scripture reading and meditation. There is no getting around the fact that it has been very difficult to keep that up. The Habitus is on a little bit of a hiatus at the moment and that’s largely due to the fact that I’ve also struggled to make time for writing and thinking about this stuff.

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She wanted cheese toasties for dinner this Mother’s Day and I was glad for the excuse to use up some sourdough. 🍞

A feast of 한국 과자!

Currently reading: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney 📚

Finished reading: Prayer by Timothy Keller 📚

This was a joy to read, and incredibly practical. I’ll be recommending it to our church.

swoon 🎸📚


Tomorrow, I turn 35. It’s a little bit weird to think about because I can still remember when my parents were this age. The last year hasn’t been easy. Ministry is no joke. But it’s been amazing to see how the church has become nearly unrecognisable to what it was when we first arrived. God has brought people to us, not only from the local area but all the way from Nigeria.

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Have been at a ministry couples retreat for a couple of days. Will probably share about it at our family blog.

One of my more recent experiments has been moving away from writing a full script for a sermon to using a detailed outline. While it does save some time in the week, it does make for a slightly nervey Sunday morning.

One of the ways that I force myself to slowdown while studying a passage to preach is I write out the whole thing longhand. It’s an excuse to use nice stationery and to keep my handwriting in check. This week’s passage is Genesis 11:10-32.

One of the advantages of having a midweek day off and living near the sea is that we can make a date of tea and coffee in flasks, while watching the waves come in from the shelter of our car.

I’ve really been enjoying working on posts for my Substack. It reminds me a bit of when I first started blogging a long time ago.

Finding myself falling down PKM rabbit holes after finally having enough sync issues mean that I can no longer trust my beloved Ulysses. I haven’t found a solution yet, but the main thing is needing it to be mobile/iPad-focused as I won’t be getting a new MacBook any time soon.

I wrote a bit about my new commonplace book on The Habitus. 🖋️📝