I’ve been in 🇬🇧 for a while now but have only just today been to Nando’s and I wish I had been sooner.

The Anglican Cathedral

I was in town for a meet-up of other AT3 apprentices on Thursday and Friday and we were taken on a Liverpool church history tour by our director and founder, Ken.

Fun facts are:

The Anglican cathedral in Liverpool was only completed in 1979 in spite of the fact that it looks centuries old.

JC Ryle, Liverpool’s first Bishop is buried there even though he was against building a cathedral in favour of planting churches instead.

Lord Derby, who was also Lord Stanley (as in the Stanley Cup) is also buried there.

It was a really good time getting to hang out with other Americans who are here for the same reason and hearing from Mark Pickles, director of the Northwest Partnership, and Michael Reeves, the president of Union School of Theology.

Considering I’ve been interrupted by my 2-year-old son, a grocery delivery, some friends picking up some stuff we stored for another friend and my wife getting home after helping out with a craft for Trinity Tots, I would say I have had a good writing day so far.

Normally, Thursday is a study day. For a couple of weeks it’s a dedicated writing day as I think through cultural adjustment and how to help prepare new AT3 apprentices for how it will affect their time in 🇬🇧.

That fact that I’ve stopped dreading Mondays still astounds me.

Getting a little bit better each time. This one is based on a house designed by Eric at 30x40 Design Workshop.

Time to do some sketching.

We did some furniture rearranging and now I’ve got a desk in our lounge. Now I can take advantage of the sunlight during the day.

You can have all the text editing tools in the world but sometimes the words just don’t want to be written.