Jesus knows what it’s like to be you.

Tim Chester, Enjoying God

There’s a storm coming.

This quick painting was a race against the fading sunlight.

First pair of socks are officially off the needles. 🧶

I finished my first sock! 🧶

Making socks for the first time while I continue to wait for my visa and inbetween booking meetings with people.

Little Daisy is keeping me company while I miss my wife and kids (they’re all back in the UK while I await my visa).

I had a great time at a hymn sing with my friends from Cross of Christ Fellowship last night. It was a really lovely evening at the Naperville Riverwalk too!

I did not adequately prepare for how expensive my use of Uber while here in 🇺🇸 was going to get. Good thing I only need to do this a couple times or I would be going home completely broke.

The day before I arrived back in 🇺🇸 to renew my visa, there was a shooting at a food festival in California. Less than a week into my stay and there’s been a mass shooting in Texas. I really hope my visa comes back in time so I can leave again.

I went to a Blick Art store and got immediate and completely crippling decision fatigue.

Taco special from the The Jalapeño Grill.

Really big lunch at Colombian’s Taste with my dad.

MAN🛫ATL. Next stop is ORD.

Visa Renewal Mission, stage one has commenced with a 🚞 from Liverpool to Manchester Airport!

I’m getting on a plane on Monday morning and in the last two days, a new Hello Internet and a new Bonanza dropped. Not dreading the travel as much now.

Been trying to practice boats. Slowly getting there. Need to work on how the boards are placed still, but I’m pleased with how the overall sketch turned out.

As I get ready to spend nearly a month away from my family to renew my visa, days like today do a lot to give me good photos to look at while I’ll be missing them. Mike Skinner was right when he said memories are times we borrow for spending tomorrow.

The kids have their last day of school today and I cannot believe how much they’ve grown up since their first day.

Memories are time we borrow. For spending tomorrow

The Streets, Everything is Borrowed

The weather has been gorgeous which means we’ve been at Stanley Park two evenings in a row! This evening we had a picnic before letting the kids play on the playground. Then it was a walk by the lakes to see the duck families. These flowers are all over the place.

The amazing Tom Scott just posted a new video about how we’ve managed to make intonation happen in our typing.

As far as education goes, particularly regarding independent study, we live in such amazing times. Looking at this as a Christian, the sheer number of good books and lecture series on Bible teaching that are available to me for free is just mind-boggling.

Have started to prepare my tech stuff for travelling. I’ve never done the short-term international travel before (I seem to prefer moving instead) so it’s interesting trying to find the balance between I need this for this trip and I would use this daily.

Daddy Date With Chloe

Took my younger daughter out for a date in town!