Quarantine Kitchen 04 – sauerkraut

Purple cabbage and carrot. One of my favourite combinations.

Perhaps the easiest entry point into fermented food is making sauerkraut. All you need is a jar that’s big enough to hold some shredded or grated cabbage. I added a couple of carrots to mine. Then just add salt and let the lacto-fermentation process begin. To avoid needing to burp the jar, I just covered it with some plastic wrap and a rubber band.

Press it down once a day to coax more liquid out of the cabbage and cover again. Keep it somewhere cool and dark. One week later, the perfect condiment for bratwurst or hot dogs. Or stew. Or just to have in a salad. Or try making some slaw. Or just eat it out of the jar.

Kraków Market Square

Sketch from a reference photo I took in Kraków.

Taking a break from screens tonight to do some at-home urban sketching. I’m using a Rotring 600, Uniball Air, Koh-I-Noor Polycolor pencils and a Field Notes Signature.

Quarantine Kitchen 03 – Sourdough

I can’t believe this is already the third one of these things that I’ve posted, but here we are. This time around, I tried to make some proper sourdough boules. The result was a bit more… slack than I wanted but it had an amazing open texture and was possibly the best tasting loaf of bread I’ve ever made.

I also decided to see how well my starter worked with an enriched loaf. This time making a pain de mie. The texture wasn’t as open as I was hoping for, it ended up being quite dense, but it was soft and full of flavour, perfect for toast and sandwiches.

Recipes for both of these can be found at The Perfect Loaf.