I’ve had the task of recording a video for our support raising efforts looking over me for a couple of weeks. My hope had been to have a script memorised and to film it in 4K on my phone while outside with the countryside in the background.

But all that happened was procrastinating.

“Get the script right.”

“You need to have good weather.”

“You need to use your microphone...”

But then I finally ran out of time. The kids had needed wrangling and interrupted my ability to get anything done while my wife was at work. She got home and helped with child-wrangling and that gave me two hours to get the project done.

The video is not beautiful, but it’s far from bad. It doesn’t have bokeh, but the image is in focus. I recorded it using iMovie and the built-in camera on my MacBook Air. The 720p one.

There’s a bunch that I wish I could have done with it, but it’s actually done and it will be in our missions newsletter tomorrow.