The weather continues to get colder while the mornings and evenings are getting darker. Here in Scotland, it’s getting wetter as well.

After nearly a month off due to getting sick, I finally got to go running again this morning. As I stepped out the door, it was gloomy, windy and starting to rain. In a word, it was perfect. Well... it was perfect for staying indoors.

I, slowly, put one foot in front of the other. It was only a twenty-minute run because it’s been so long. My feet were hurting because I was running in new shoes for the first time since January. Still, it was really encouraging to know that I hadn’t lost the ability to get up and go. To run for longer than five minutes, even on the hills around our house.

And my reward was spending the second half of my run heading toward that rainbow up there. It’s rare that I get to see one go all the way across the sky like that, but the other advantage of these hills is getting a bit higher to see the landscape around me.

This first run in so long felt like a real gift.