It's time for some more things that I found interesting, entertaining or something in the previous month.

How Personal Policies Can Help You Fight Decision Fatigue - Redeeming Productivity

Decision fatigue is a really big deal. I get to the end of the day and it's even an effort to decide what we want to watch on telly. This is a helpful way of avoiding it.

An Oral History of The Office

I've seen the entire series multiple times at this point so it was really cool to get this look into the backstory of the show. There's also something intrinsically moving when listening to people talk about something they worked really hard on. Even a sitcom can be elevated above the normal feeling of throwaway tv.

The Ways of Old-Fashioned Tailoring

Speaking of people working really hard on something, this is a great article from a tailor who works primarily using methods from the 1930's.


Over the summer, I completely ran out of steam for trying to learn Gaelic with Duolingo. Thankfully, BBC Alba and Bòrd na Gàidhlig put together this online learning platform that includes podcasts, Youtube videos and a guided course. It's really fun getting back into language-learning and being able to read more of the train station signs here.