As I write this, I have just finished the main writing portion of the poetry challenge I was doing this month. There is still the process of choosing 20 of the poems to be worked on further to have a chapbook to submit, but my initial thoughts are these:

  1. Poetry is fun to write — there are so many forms that you can play with, and there are great books and resources available to help make the process even better.
  2. Quantity begets quality — it will be a struggle to choose 20 poems because there aren’t that many good ones, but I have written some of my best stuff this month because I was doing this challenge.
  3. Poetry is fun to read — especially if you find someone like John Cooper Clarke or the UK’s current Laureate, Simon Armitage.
  4. It’s incredibly satisfying to do a small creative task every single day. There were a couple of days when I had to catch up because of work, but I am here on the 30 November having written 30 poems. No other time in my life has that been the case.