I originally shared this as a note on my Substack.

Here are some quick reflections on this month’s Bible reading. As I wrote previously, I am slowing my reading down to spend longer in the wisdom and poetry portions of the Old Testament. This is what I’ve found:

  1. It is much easier to fit in a chapter or half a chapter into the day. I’m really enjoying having the time to think through what I’m reading and even to re-read it.
  2. It is MUCH EASIER to get caught up when I miss a day. That’s right, me, a pastor, sometimes gets to the end of the day having missed out on the chance to sit with my Bible.
  3. I do also miss reading through bigger chunks of the Bible.
  4. Having a reading plan with smaller chunks like this means that I can also do seasonal plans/devotionals like a Lenten plan and later on in the year for Advent.
  5. Job is maybe not the best book to kick of the year but for a variety of reasons, it’s the appropriate one for me.