Ran my first 10km!

My wife took this amazing photo of our nearby town. 3B741FBE-CA3F-4189-8C38-9076AE1417AC.jpg

Writing around 500 words to send to people’s inboxes each week shouldn’t be as challenging as it is, but trying to make sure those words are good words… to make sure that it’s worth reading is the actual work. And it’s one of the reasons why I don’t share on social anymore.

Happy to know that the year that I spent working at Chipotle is still paying off as I can still make really good guacamole. It’s been nearly five years since I left but that muscle memory is still there.

Coffee delivery!!! I love this roaster. F09BDF56-4F61-43B5-A29F-E7ADEA75DD08.jpg

For the last few months, my wife has selflessly given up her Sunday afternoons to prepare the kids’ folders with school work and times tables and everything they needed to accomplish home learning in lockdown. Tomorrow, the kids are going back into the classroom. So it’s fitting that her first Sunday off from needing to get all of this ready is also Mother’s Day here in 🇬🇧. Instead, I’m trying to give her space to watch Skillshare classes and to get better at her art. I wish there was more that we could do but most everything is still closed.

Ran 9.7km today, which felt really good at the time. Then I sat down for about five minutes before getting up again and now my lower half wants to cease existence.

In an effort to rely less on algorithms and whatnot, I’ve been using my weekly newsletter to share one photo each week. This week’s features some indoor plants because the weather’s been quite poor. A90E9269-4ADE-4D31-9A6D-BF49EECDE92E.jpg

After having some time not using Notion, I’m back to it to begin planning new youth work for our church. Grateful for the fact that I spent so much time keeping it overcomplicated before so that now I know how to keep it simple.

We’re approaching a week of having only bread that I’ve baked. It’s been a little bit of work but it’s also been really good.

I seem to have created this awkward scenario where I prefer running in the morning but ran yesterday evening and now my energy in the morning is completely gone. So I have to run this evening. Hoping I get back on track tomorrow.

Just updated my Now page.

Apparently I’ve written over 4500 non-work/school related words this month. It’s always fascinating how doing something bit-by-bit builds up without realising it.

Sunday morning commute to church for the service live-stream. Looking forward to when this commute is for live, in person, gathered congregation worship.

I’m so impressed with the cake my wife made for me. She does not like baking, but she did an amazing job.

So this is 32. Running 8km seems like a good way to celebrate.

I’ve been using Mailchimp for a couple of years to run our ministry update letter but it’s been such a hassle lately (and honestly overbuilt for our needs) that I think I’m going to be moving it to Buttondown like I do for my personal newsletter.

While my day has already not gone entirely to plan, I tried to make sure that I got some writing done before starting on my regular tasks and that seems to have helped me begin to get in the flow. Even with needing to parent while in the middle of getting the words down.

Pretty happy with how this loaf turned out. 🍞 👨‍🍳 9A1097FF-79A3-4078-B570-0F941BD4E302.jpg 41CB192E-688E-4422-A387-14C2BE52A146.jpg

I feel like I’m starting to finally get into the rhythm of waking up early (by my definition, 6am is early). That doesn’t mean I’m enjoying the rhythm itself, but I am enjoying the way that it has helped ensure my mornings aren’t pure chaos.

I love living here. Scotland has some beautiful sunsets.

Since starting my training course back in September, I have had the weekly privilege of finding that my brain no longer functions after 4pm on a Tuesday (class days for year 1 are Monday and Tuesday).

Today was a day where I actually felt kind of… free? I’ve had to be dependent on folks to drive me places because my driving license from the States is expired and I can’t get a UK one yet. But I was able to cycle into town to help at the church and it was glories. 🚴

February 2021 officially marks the first time I’ve managed to run 100km in one month.

Lambs have arrived! 4EBBB1B9-5D3F-46D0-B6AC-24BC6A19CA47.jpg