31 days into my Bible reading plan

    I originally shared this as a note on my Substack. Here are some quick reflections on this month’s Bible reading. As I wrote previously, I am slowing my reading down to spend longer in the wisdom and poetry portions of the Old Testament. This is what I’ve found: It is much easier to fit in a chapter or half a chapter into the day. I’m really enjoying having the time to think through what I’m reading and even to re-read it.

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    introducing The Habitus

    It’s the first of the new year. I’m still in the annoying place where my journal entry for the day is scratched out because I wrote 2023 instead of 2024. Even so, the new year brings a new theme. Last year was really a year without a theme. I cannot remember if I tried making one or if I was just too busy with things. The busyness left me with a sense of longing as the year came to a close.

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    thoughts on writing 30 poems

    As I write this, I have just finished the main writing portion of the poetry challenge I was doing this month. There is still the process of choosing 20 of the poems to be worked on further to have a chapbook to submit, but my initial thoughts are these: Poetry is fun to write — there are so many forms that you can play with, and there are great books and resources available to help make the process even better.

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    There is nothing better than paper for trying to get a sense of the big picture. Unfortunately, this paper isn’t big enough to also include figuring out when I will study for my training course.

    teaching helps with learning?

    One of the things that I have found as I spend more and more time studying Scripture is that there just seems to be more of it to hand in my mind. This has increased a lot as I have been working on sermons and Bible studies. I am also finding that much of what I am learning for my training course is becoming what I am teaching to our youth group.

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    One big lesson I’ve learned while studying the doctrine of God, and the Trinity in particular, this term is that I really need to make some time to read Aquinas and Augustine.

    nothing is straightforward

    In the most recent issue of Tabletalk, there was an article on the pluses and minuses of technologies like blockchain and a decentralised web. There are many on either side. As I read through it, I was first reminded again of the fact that the church is usually very late in understanding what is going on in the world. However, in this instance, as these are things that most laypeople will have no real understanding of, I think they got the timing of this right.

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